Our Services

Export & Import

We basically arrange exporting and importing for a wide range of products such as Fire & Rescue equipment, Security products, IT systems, Heavy Metal Scrap, Cables, paper industries, Automobile, Leather, Cosmetics, Garments and Textiles.

Health, Safety & Environment Advisory Services

QTradeCorp ties up with well-known international training institution in UK and USA to providing consultancy and training of HSE & fire services. With our long list of associate trainers and expertise from Europe , Australia, Canada, and America who have earned, collectively, more than 300 hundred years of knowledge and skills ready to be passed onto you at a door step, we can assure you that the out-come of our consultancy services and training is, indisputably, brilliant and compliable to international standards.

Fire Services & Safety Check-up:

Our Fire Services Safety Check-up is conducted on call-bases for Major Projects, Commercial Institutions, Universities, Hospitals, Free and Industrial Zones. The check-up is conducted by senior and high caliber Fire Servicesí officers. Duration of check-up and submission of final technical reports with recommendations as well as preparation of policies , procedures , guidelines along with the long term HSE strategic plans are ,usually, determined based on size of project area and client line of businesses.

Environment Impact Assessment:

QTradeCorp provides services for sustainable development of natural resources in Oman, by making strategic alliance and collaborating with environmental experts for providing the following services.
- Environmental quality assessment and determine the fate of pollutants in the
  terrestrial ecosystems.
- Evaluation of effective treatment technologies for industrial and domestic waste
  for cost effective remediation.
- Establish Environment Information System (EIS).
- Study on the bioavailability of pollutants in marine ecosystem.
- Investigation of safety measures for hazardous environmental pollutants and
  natural disasters.
- Baseline and subsidence mapping



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