Fire & Rescue Products

'Fire Stationsí Supplies and Logistic Services: QTradeCorp in partnership with Unity Fire and Safety, UK and Canadian Fire Fighting Services stands as a Local and Regional Agent and distributer for many well-known and reputed European, Canadian and American Fire Services industries and manufacturers and you will find them listed in our Partnersí web Icon. In this division we handle the supply and maintenance of Fire and Rescue Equipment. We also assist in facilitating major project of fire stations and fire grounds with the recent and most advanced equipment and multifunctional training simulators.

Fire & Rescue Products provided in partnership with UFS:

Road Traffic Collision (RTC) / Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Rescue Equipment


personal protective Equipment (PPE)

Rope RESCUE/ROPE ACCESS personal protective Equipment (PPE)

Fire Fighting and emergency response Equipment


Corporate wear and uniforms

Environmentally safe fire training equipment




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